Reverbnation Spotlight: The Spins

By August 18, 2016 Band, Spotlight

In our next Reverbnation Spotlight, we chat to The Spins.

Spins BW


S] What inspires your music?

First our individual and diverse musical backgrounds, which include nearly every music style as each of us came to join The Spins from very different routes. Then the casual music ideas that can come when we rehearsal together, or when our drummer find strange riffs playing bass guitar. In a word, everything we can set to music. As Rossini once said, “give me a laundry list and I’ll set it to music”

S] What motivates you outside of music, think people and places?

The facts of life, our personal experiences, sometimes some blatant news worth to talk and sing about, maybe the fact that we come from different countries (our singer is English, the guitarist comes from France, the bassist is Estonian and the two remaining are Italian) and we see the same things in different ways.

S] What has been a defining moment in your career?

Surely when our drummer Alessia went in London to make session work on Jeff Beck’s album Emotion & Commotion, and even more when the song Hammerhead won the Grammy Award as best instrumental rock track. We considered it as a reward for the quality of Alessia’s and our work, not to mention that the possibility to say our drummer won a Grammy opened many doors that before were closed.

S] What message do you have for your fans reading?

There’s a great definition of being actually an indie musician: “being a modern musician is like having a leaky roof and putting out a zillion pots and pans to catch all the water dripping from various holes”. Internet is very cool to discover new music, but can be used in a very evil way, not paying in any way for the work of someone who had to make consistent investments to realise it. So the message is: support indie music, going to shows and actually pay for music, maybe buying physical albums and rediscovering the pleasure to look up to the artwork, study the liner notes while listening to the music and then put it on a shelf until the next time you fancy listening to it again.

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