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Breathe Carolina is an exciting electro-pop pair from Stateside. Their diverse “crunk”-styled emotive party sound (mixing the aforementioned styles with post-hardcore influence) has divided the opinion of many media critics but won them a legion of eager fans worldwide from across the great genre spectrum. Since the band has recently released the latest album, ‘Hell Is What You Make It’ and announced a worldwide tour promoting it, we thought that it would be a great time to share a short (but sweet) chat with multi-instrumental band member David Schmitt about the album and their musical style.


“We love mixing the dark and the happy”


S] There’s a few different influences on this record sonically from dubstep to pure electro and rock – what do you most enjoy about mixing these genres?


D] “It’s just the best feeling. Being able to mix everything and anything you love together; it’s towards that experiment that we drive all our energy to and from it’s fun to try crazy things.”


S] Along with your more “party”-influenced tunes, there a few more personal ones on this new album like ‘Blackout’ – can you talk us through the inspirations for that one?


D] “Well I consider ‘Blackout’ to be bit of a party jam. It was born from a night where we had gone out and gotten crazy and I left my phone in the cab and remembering how pi**ed I was, but at the same time, I felt free. I had an excuse to not answer, finally.” [laughs]


S] What were your main personal inspirations on ‘Hell Is What You Make It’?


D] “For me personally, this record is about being yourself and it’s about putting positive energy into anything negative and the struggle sometimes that follows doing that. I’m constantly inspired by events I lived and the people I’m around.”


S] What were some of the most enjoyable experiences recording this record?

D] I think, just getting to know ourselves a little more throughout the recording process, and spending time in our second home of southern California while experimenting with so many different sounds.”


S] What are you most looking forward to about getting over to the UK again?


D] “I think that, as a band we are just excited to play for anyone who wants to watch us in a foreign country!”


S] What’s the musical influence recipe for Breathe Carolina – for example, one part Prince, a sprinkle Killswitch Engage etcetera?


D] “It’s one of those things where we love mixing the dark and the happy, it’s about the ‘Breathe Carolina twist’  as we call it [laughs]. That is where we try to take songs on a ‘rollercoaster ride’ – there is surprise and anticipation – we live for that in our music.”


S] If you could replace an existing film soundtrack with the music of Breathe Carolina, what film would you pick and why?


D] “‘Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure’ [laughs]. Just imagine it.”


For more information visit the official Breathe Carolina website.


Tickets for the September UK tour with Tek One are available from here!



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