Spotlight: Exit_International

By September 14, 2012 October 9th, 2016 Band, Interviews, Spotlight

For our latest spotlight interview, we chat to Scott Lee Andrews of Welsh awesome-noise-rock merchants Exit_international about their recent rush of success (ushered in by the positive reception for debut album ‘Black Junk’), touring the globe and plans for the rest of this year.

S] How do you look back on the success that ‘Black Junk’ bought you now?

SLA] “To be honest, it is amazing what this album has helped us achieve. Going from the initial novelty of forming a band to make horrible noise and mess with people’s heads, then to hearing us on daytime Radio 1 in the space of three years is insane! We’ve played some incredible shows and festivals (Including Reading and Leeds) and caught the attention of some of our heroes; including the guys from Girls Against Boys, Justin Pearson (Three One G Records) and most notably Ginger Wildheart, who I’ve been a fan of since I was a kid. He took us on tour, pimped us to death and made our Japanese dreams come true. And to wrap the campaign up, ‘Black Junk’ is a nominee for the Welsh Music Prize 2012!”

S] Scott, how is the inspiration different from your work with Midasuno?

SLA] “I wrote pretty much 95 per cent of what Midasuno did, so having the ease of writing together as E_I really makes the songs come from stranger places than I would have thought. I suppose my ‘pop’ head helps with the melodies and ‘hookiness’ of our sound, but we all contribute equally to the process – even Adam [Thomas, drums] comes up with bass ideas – everyone is really involved, including the lyrics.

S] You’ve had support from legends the likes of Steve Albini and Ginger Wildheart as well as new bands like Bad For Lazarus – what does that mean to you guys?

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