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Senser are without doubt the UK’s defining crossover act. Throughout a storied career the band have been able to blend elements of rap, metal and electronica together for a resounding result. Just before the release of the band’s new album, ‘How To Do Battle’ we talked to vocalist Heitham Al Sayed about the themes and ideas behind the new material.

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“The record is a little bleak but it’s also got a lot of humour in it”

S] Can you explain the overriding theme of your new album – ‘How To Do Battle’ – is it as bleak as one might think?

H] William Burroughs once said ‘This is a war universe’ .We didn’t start out with a specific theme but as we went on we realised that the ideas in ‘HTDB‘ are all in some way connected with either psychological warfare, physical warfare, fighting against governments for what you feel is right, and good old fashioned battle rhymes. I really liked a Flaming Lips‘ lyric “Will the fight for our sanity be the fight of our lives?’ so there’s a little of that in there.Yes, It is a little bleak but it’s also got a lot of humour in it by our standards.

S] You guys have always been known for your massive presence on stage – are you expanding it at all for this new record?

H] I’d like to expand my presence but I don’t have the right pumps. If it’s the production you mean we’d love to do that if the finances permit. We’ll see what’s possible.

S] What experiences inspired the lyrics for the track ‘End Of The World Show?’

H] Do you ever get the feeling it might be the apocalypse in a few weeks? There’s a lot of end times-type-fear that comes and goes in waves, millennium meltdown, 2012 Mayan calendar. The idea that the world is ending has been around since the world began, so maybe it’s about escaping responsibility. The Vikings dealt with this idea very pragmatically, they kept sowing and building cowsheds and boats just in case the Christians were wrong. I don’t think I can explain the lyrics but if you dig around in there you’ll find a lot of tangents and references, because that’s how I see things.

S] What’s your opinion of the contemporary crossover scene and bands that cross electronics with rock music?

H] I like Ghengis Tron‘s way of blending the two. Actually they don’t really blend the two it’s more like two trucks overturning on the motorway and spilling their contents.

S] If you could sit down one person to listen to the new record (they can be dead or alive) who would it be and why?

H] You make it sound like a form of torture… Nick Griffin?

S] You guys have never been about living in the past, so how does this new record represent the progression of not only the band, but the people in Senser?

H] We have changed and evolved and discovered a lot of new art and ways of life but we still love a lot of the things that formed us musically. We’ve always had quite varied tastes and finding the common ground that excites everyone is always a great moment. We had a lot of tracks to chose from so ‘HTDB‘ is quite an intense record.

S] One of the producers Scott Harding was in an accident during the recording process, how is he and is he pleased with how everything came out?

H] He’s doing well. We were so happy to work with him. I actually had the chance to tour as part of New Kingdom (orchestral percussion including Keith Moon’s gong!) and it changed my perspective on music. Back then there was no Def Jux, no Big Dada, those two New Kingdom records were truly pioneering. I really feel we owe him so much in terms of inspiration. He got some really spontaneous performances from us and was happy with the way the record came out.

S] What are you most excited about for the future of the band following this current tour, and for Imprint music?

H] Well I can’t wait to start work on the next album, but in general continuing to make records on our own terms and not giving the money we make away. Then eventually making enough that we can invest in other bands that no one has heard of but that everyone should.

S] You guys have a really wide fan base of rockers both young and old, what’s your message for them as you are about to release ‘How To Do Battle’?

H] Don’t vote BNP, don’t wizz on the electric fence.

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