Spotlight: Ultimate Thunder

By Dom Smith
By November 19, 2012 September 18th, 2018 Band, Spotlight

In our next band spotlight, we chat to Dan Milligan, vocalist for upcoming Leeds-based band Ultimate Thunder. The band is made up of People In Action service users and supporters.

S] Why did you start Ultimate Thunder?

D] “I started the band because I really wanted to show people how much I really love metal music and it’s something that I have been wanting to do for years now but before this point, nobody would join me.”

S] What are your main musical inspirations? 

D] “I think that my main musical inspirations, and the band’s inspirations are Slash, Elvis, Ozzy Osbourne, Johnny Cash and Jimi Hendrix all really good musicians and I thank them all for inspiring me in my quest to create inspiring metal and rock music.”

S] What do you enjoy about the heavy music scene in Leeds?

D] “I enjoy the music in Leeds because we’ve got a lot of really talented metal and rock bands playing at great venues, for example The Cockpit and O2 Academy – it shows the music at its best for me personally.”

S] Talk to us about what inspires your songs?

D] “The message for all Metal Thunder’s songs, and my own inspirations come from many things like life and wanting to get a personal message across about the power of metal to everyone who enjoys music as much as I do.”

S] In the event of a zombie outbreak – what weapon would you use to defend yourself and why? 

D] “If I was caught up in a zombie attack I’d use the power of metal because then, with that I would be able to melt their minds and make them my personal slaves.”

S] What are your plans as we approach 2013?

D] “My plans for 2013 are to continue with the band and try to keep us running smoothly; and to really keep spreading the word for Ultimate Thunder as much as I can.”

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  •' Aqila Choudhry says:

    People in Action is committed to make Dan’s dream come true together with the support of Leeds community we can make it happen. Good luck to Ultimate Thunder!

    Aqila Choudhry

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