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Bags of horror, punk and sex appeal. This is Zeitgeist Zero.. The electro Goth and tea-fuelled machine talk with SPHERE about their influences, their hopes and they also try their best to help with the cooking…

Provided by Zeitgeist Zero

The band are Teresa Dead (vocals) Kerry Von Null (Keyboards and backing vocals) and Corin Zero (guitars, synths and programming.)

The Leeds based three piece have been together since 2003 and their material ranges from hard hitting Goth tunes to simple fun punk dancefloor fillers. Their vision is inspired by The Bride of Frankenstein (because “she is beautiful, frightening and angry at the world”) and their home town of Leeds. “I believe we’re flying the black gothic flag for the city” says Teresa: “I am sure the Lord Mayor and council will appreciate it and discount my council tax accordingly.”

When we ask people about Z0, responses are usually “they are a sexy band,” so it’s only natural we ask what their ideal sexy time would involve, Teresa unfortunately, plays the tag down: “We’re sexy?  I never got the memo? I will tell you about my ‘sexy time’ though, it would involve high heels and nice retro seemed stockings, it helps get me in the mood.  That’s me wearing them, not the guy I’m with.”

Despite looking the part on stage the band claim that image does not drive them forward and that they dress as they normally would on stage in public which can lead to some interesting confrontations. Teresa says: “I once had some school kids yell at me ‘Sort your shoes out and sort your life out.’ She adds: “Recently we have recognized that people are influenced by something that is visually interesting especially the Goth population.”

Kerry says that the band really mean business and though it can be fun there is a strong desire for the music to mean something: “We are at heart a serious band and we have a lot of angry lyrics but I feel that the more serious your point of view, the more important it is to also have humility and to be able to have fun in order to connect with people personally when playing live especially.”

Coming from different musical backgrounds, Corin found his perfect band once he met Teresa after trying and failing for a number of years. Kerry on the other hand is classically trained and was a professional keyboardist and a music teacher before entering the fold. Teresa reflects very positively on her experiences: “Zeitgeist is my first proper band and also the only one I’m interested in being a member of.  I know lots of people who are in at least two bands and I think that is a good thing, but for me Z0 is all I want and need”.

The members are very much looking forward to the future, and releasing the new album in October which they have been working hard on for the last two years. Kerry says that their collective game has been raised since the debut self titled album was released in 2005: “This album will take our sound to a whole new level.”

The new album ‘Dead to the World’ is out next month and it is being mixed by John Fryer (NIN, Depeche Mode) the band are currently arranging a UK wide tour to promote the album with some dates in Europe.

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Provided by Zeitgeist Zero

Miss Dead’s Song Writing Recipie for success:

* First you need to get a recipe from the book of ‘What Do I Want To Say?’ 
* Then look in the cupboard of ingredients to see what you have and get the theme of the song.
* Take everything that you’ve discovered about yourself and life, grate, sieve, batter, whip, knead it into shape. 
* Stick it in the oven with the music.
* When the bell dings take it out, make it look good and serve

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