Event Spotlight: Northern Chaos [2016]

By November 12, 2016 Event, Spotlight

In our latest event spotlight, we chat to Daniel Dickson and Yuma Murata, organisers of Yorkshire’s heaviest DIY music festival in this year’s calendar, Northern Chaos.



What are you trying to achieve with the event?

D] Total annihilation and chaos.. There will be no survivors.

Y] It’s just a vehicle to get all these bands out of their bedrooms and back into society, and maybe some daylight if they’re lucky.


S] What are your aims for the future? 

D] Make metal punk great again.

Y] Make Iron Maiden play the Spread Eagle.

S] How do you feel about York/Leeds’ extreme/heavy music scene in general?

D] We are the scene.

Y] Both cities have got some great bands, promoters and venues. They don’t even really feel like separate scenes as we all attend each other’s gigs!

S] How did it all come together? 

D] Chaos. A voice. A loud man called out to me from across the ocean. We heard the war cries and so we take up arms. There is no future! M.P.D.S.

Y] A loud man called out to me from across a table in the pub, saying we should form a metal-punk tag-team and conquer the world. I could not silence his incessant shouting, so I had no choice but to take up arms alongside him, for better or for worse. F. M. L.

Who are some of the standout bands, not just at the festival, but across the board, and why?

Y] The best thing about putting on gigs is the number of great bands you come into contact with. Off the top of my head: Blasphemer, Wolfbastard, Mastiff, Lammergeier and U.V are just some of the awesome underground bands I hadn’t heard of before we started doing this. For Northern Chaos 2016, personally, I’m a thrasher at heart so Insurgency are gonna be a highlight! One of many, hopefully.

D] Venom 4 life yo!

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