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Lickorish Latex is an internet based vintage fetish store in Huddersfield and it’s run by Nick Gage and his business partner Scarlet Kitty. Both love clothes and especially latex. In September 2008, with stock now being shipped over to Canada and further into Europe, it seems like the right time to jump on the bandwagon.

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Nick says that the inspiration for opening the online outlet in 2005 came from a simple love of clothing:  “It was really a passion for clothes which kick started us. Myself and my business partner Scarlet both love quite flamboyant clothes, so both adore latex, which we feel is the ultimate in the “larger than life” look. We’re both artists, and started making latex clothes for our own wardrobes, but people kept trying to buy it off us. So in a way, demand finally caused our company.”

The most popular product on the EBAY site for Lickorish Latex is their range of micro bow hair clips. Alongside being stocked online the company is stocked at the two most popular Goth and Alternative events of the year, Infest and Whitby Gothic Weekend. Apart from the obvious, that Nick and Scarlet would regularly attend the events anyway, he says that one of the most important reasons for creating the products is that they get to make clothes that suit them and as a bonus they are of interest to the entire Goth culture and community.

“The clothes and accessories that we make simply suit those events and the people we love it is a pleasure to create for them, and popularity is growing as we progress.”

Though it’s not necessarily the most profitable occupation working as part of the Alternative market like the bands and club owners throughout the scene, Lickorish Latex create products because they are passionate about the style and how good their products can make people feel: “With stock shipping internationally we are just starting to make a profit. We barely pay the bills, but then we’re in it for the love of what we do, rather than the money.” He adds: “I think it is because we’re artists floundering around trying to run a business, rather than the Alternative scene not being able to support small niche projects.”

As a trader, Lickorish has found that rather than working against any opposition, working together brings about better results, and Nick discusses how most people selling Alternative products are more than happy to for the benefit of the scene. “We’ve found ‘trading’ (as in running stalls at events) has a great community feel, where everyone looks after each other.” With so many different markets and sub genres contained within the Goth tag LL had to make a decision first as to which market they would look toward to sell most of their products, for Nick the decision was easy: “We always envisioned ourselves selling to the Industrial and Goth markets, these are people who really want to look good when they go out. We make things we think look beautiful, or aesthetically sharp, and those were the groups we thought were most likely to share our opinion.”  

Nick says that the  products are doing well overseas and that they are keen to reach more people in the UK who have yet to embrace the joys of latex: “Check out the stemmed roses we brought in, mainly because we were commissioned to do the flowers for a couple of Alternative weddings last year, and people loved the work we did, they are visually stunning.” He continues: “In the next couple of months, we will be launching a  great range of Burlesque underwear on our website. With items suitable for clubbing, or your private enjoyment, depending on how bold you are and of course, what you are into.”

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“When you wear a rubber dress out to a crowded venue during winter, if you frequently walk out of the stifling heat for some fresh (i.e. freezing) air, then back into the heat, and back out for some air, then into the heat, etc. You will soon find yourself standing there in nothing but a pair of skimpy pants. Latex is a delicate, and natural material. Most frequently harvested by hammering a pipe into the side of a rubber tree, and hanging a bucket off the pipe. It’s sold globally by the barrel, much like oil.”

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