Satan’s Stylist

By December 12, 2008 January 8th, 2017 Fashion, Spotlight

At ‘Hair From Hell’ hair styles are more than just a fashion statement, they are a screaming declaration of who you are, a proclamation of individuality and creativity that is guaranteed to turn heads. This unique hairdressing company specialises in alternative hair extensions, colours and cuts and founding lady, Lol, prides herself on providing a personal service tailored to each client.

(Lol pictured below, white warlocks, photo Brian Buckland)

She began experimenting with haircuts in high school, practicing on her friends, discovered that it was her passion and, after training and qualifying in the basics, got a job at a local salon that helped encourage her unconventional flair. Lol found that her unique style, both personal and professional, attracted similar customers, “a lot of clients like to go to a stylist they can identify with, so through that I’ve developed a core of alternative clients wanting a likewise hair style.” and after numerous requests for hair extensions, Lol invested in a course to become skilled in that aspect of her profession too.

Finishing her job at the famous Black Rose gothic clothes shop in Camden gave her the push required to make her part time passion into a full time business. HfH had begun by word of mouth recommendations and expanded through a new website, so much so that Lol currently makes around 20 pairs of fall extensions (temporary tie ins) a month on top of her regular semi-permanent extensions and colourings. One of her most famous ‘word of mouth’ clients was Gian Pyres, guitarist with Cradle of Filth, whose dreadlock extensions she created and glamour model Marina Bond travels hundreds of miles to have Lol put extensions in her hair, but German new wave artist Nina Hagen would be Lol’s dream client. Creating an eye catching and unique hair style is her favourite thing to do but when one client asked her to put blue dreadlock extensions in his beard even Lol was surprised!

As you might expect Lol has quite a few hair pieces herself, 20 at the last count, and her favourites are her pink Transition Warlock falls, made from lightweight, crimped fibre which fades from fuchsia, to hot pink to baby pink and are lighter, and bigger, than normal extensions (photo below).

They give a look reminiscent of original 80’s goth, which is where Lol thinks goth’s love of big hair stems from. “(It) derives from the punk culture in the 70’s…the big backcombed styles we associate with the goth culture are adaptations of the punk Mohicans and big spikes.”


(Kirsteen above, synthetic extensions)(Lol above, photo as before)

Her friends and trusted clients are used to experiment on and like it so much they actually volunteer for the job when she goes on new training courses. The only person who does complain is her boyfriend when it comes to free hair dressing services, “he always gets put to the back of the line!”                                                                                                 

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