Industry Spotlight: North Base

By December 19, 2016 Industry, Spotlight

In our latest industry spotlight, we chat to DJ Silver from Manchester’s finest drum ‘n’ bass purveyors North Bass about their inspirations and ideas.

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S] What’s the mission statement for North Base?

Just getting everyone in the world to listen to North Base at least once in their lives!

S] What are your main passions outside of music?

Wilf likes buying cars and traveling the world, Myself, Silver, loves Jamaican food, Music & Films, Simon likes to Play guitar and video games in his spare time.

S] Do what degree does the Manchester scene, and the scene in the North in general inspire you guys?

Very inspirational! There are so many people in the city making their own waves their own future within the game. From the godfathers like Mark XTC and Marcus Intalex, to Producers like Dub Phizix, Rowney & Propz, Dawn Raid, Levelz, all making moves in the scene. Manchester just has a great vibe right now and as you can hear all of our music reflects that.

S] What’s been a career highlight for you all?

Getting our first ever track on RAM Records has to be the highlight of 2016. We have all dreamt of being on this label for many years now and to see it happening is just amazing. BIG up the one like Andy C.

S] What top five key tips for emerging artists, in Manchester and the North specifically, have you got?

Connect with other producers out there. Knowledge is key! Be driven and keep pushing what you do even when someone tells you it’s not good enough! Keep at it you will get it right if your determined. Get your music out to labels and keep pushing them to give you feed back even if it’s good or bad.

Learn new production techniques, watch tutorials online, its all out there for you to learn. Set a goal and achieve it. It may have taken us 6 years to get where we are now, but look, we did it and if we can so can you….

S] Do you think it’s important to be dynamic – not only putting out music, but having a radio show too, for example?

The music should speak for itself or the skills that you have, really. The Dynamic definitely needs to be within the music tho, it’s a bonus having a radio show as we have a place to output our music on a weekly basis. It’s important to try and cover as many angles as possible to help further your career as a artists. The radio is a bonus though, we will not lie.

S] What would you say the biggest challenge has been in keeping North Base going?

Just staying a float in such a competitive game has been the biggest challenge of all. From shows to making music 24/7 can be hard but we would not change it for the world. We love a challenge, It keeps us on our toes.

S] What are you looking forward to most in the New Year?

Festival season and just getting more of our music out there to the masses!