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Lisha Blackhurst is a dedicated model based in the picturesque city of York, North Yorkshire. Her noteworthy portfolio sees her adopt a range of seductive poses to the delight of thousands of online visitors at her website (you really can’t miss the link here!), and since it’s been a long time since we have done a model spotlight, we thought it was high-time to sort that out and get someone very beautiful (and chatty) to fit upon these pages for your enjoyment. So, here you are! We talk to the fabulous Miss Blackhurst about her career and, passion for modelling…


“The second I take my bra off, I turn into a minx.”

S] What made you decide to get into modelling?

L] “Ever since I was a little girl, I have been obsessed with the female form. There seems to be something incredible about the combination of a beautiful naked woman and a perfectly composed photograph. Pornstars have always been my idols and I have never shifted that. It’s all Aria Giovanni’s fault!”

S] What are the positives and negatives of being based out of York?

L] “There are no negatives with a project like this. We [being me and my web-developer and photographer Matt Adamson] work on everything ourselves. I am your typical control freak; I wanted to have as much input on my own work as possible; I take an active part of the process that leads to the creation of the image and quality that we want to achieve. I feel I am far more in control than most models are with their own work. I didn’t want to go down the usual magazine route to have my photos whitewashed and posted without my say-so. That is terrifying to me. I want the photos to belong to me.”

S] What has been your most entertaining shoot?

L] “Probably the very first one I did with my photographer, and realising the second I take my bra off I turn into a bit of a minx.”

S] What about the most challenging?

L] “Outdoor shoots are always the most challenging, especially if you’re trying to avoid the general public alongside being arrested for indecent exposure! Plus, this is Britain, it’s always cold.”

S] What about some of your biggest personal challenges?

L] “Starting up a site like this offers a lot of chance for people to comment. Even when we are confronted with a range of magazines and porn in our everyday lives, to many it’s still a taboo, despite the sex industry thriving in this economic climate. It helps that both my parents are accepting of it, or more they don’t ask questions about it but are aware of it. My friends and boyfriend are also amazing, to the point of asking to see the photos and all have signed up to the website newsletter by way of support. The support outweighs everything else. Also, the support from other women has been tremendous. If anything, the men have been the difficult ones.”

S] What is your opinion on the idea that in order to be successful as a model, you have to be based down south?

L] “Now, this all depends what you want from your modelling. You have to be willing to travel, but I know many models that don’t live in London and are successfully travelling to their shoots.”

S] What do you enjoy most about your job?

L] “The best thing for me is finally having the chance to do what I wanted when I was younger. That was the time when I would look at photos of Aria Giovanni and wish it was me!”

S] How would you advise other models, or people looking to get into the industry, in your area?

L] “I would just advise [others] to do it whatever way it best for them. Applying left right and centre to agents and magazines just wasn’t for me.”



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