Reverbnation Spotlight: Nathassia

By November 19, 2015 Artist, Spotlight

Check out our latest Reverbnation Spotlight on Nathassia!


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S] What are you up to right now?

N] “Finalising the artwork for my album with my German designer Jörg, and it’s looking great!”

S] Talk to us about the development of the music?

N] “My music is developing continuously almost every day as i get to work with more and more recognised producers.”

S] What sort of things inspire you guys outside of music – think films and book for example?

N] “Consciousness in all its forms and I love travelling.”

S] What’s been the highlight of your career thus far?

N] “The creative process and completion of the video of my next single… It has been an incredible journey.”

S] What track that you guys are working on right now, or have released do you feel perfectly defines what you are all about?

N] “Just doing the final touches on my debut album “Light of the World”, about the mysteries of the universe with a musical & vocal mix of east & west, just like me!”

S] What are your main plans for the rest of this year?

N] “Working very hard with my PR and team for the release of “Light of the World”, early 2016.”

S] Thanks so much!

N] “Thank you, and good luck with the magazine!”