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We don’t think we are lying when we tell you that the work of DOSE-Productions could be the perfect visual accompaniment to the ultimate alternative soundtrack. Blending a variety of visual styles and musical influences ranging from Goth to Industrial metal and hardcore, Sam Hayles will hook your attention no matter what you are into. Get your Dose…

Sam Hayles

“In this industry you need to try and create your own style and be different”

S] You have a great collection of clients, and each one thoroughly enjoys your work, so what is the most rewarding aspect of what you do?

Sam] What I enjoy doing the most is CD artwork and sleeves. The most rewarding moments are when I get to see the final printed work and I can hear the band or person that I was working with tell me they are really happy with the result.

Why Not?S] Do you work all the time and can you describe to us a typical day in the life of Sam Hayles and DOSEProd?

Sam] Being an independent as an artist means that you have to work a lot. Plus, I have my studio at home so, as a result I tend to rarely have a full day off! The only way for me to stop working is to go away somewhere.

A typical day from me would be that I get up around 7:30am and head straight to my Mac. I then check my mail and grab some breakfast, then it’s back to the Mac again. I will then put some music on and check the work that I did on the previous day to see how it looks. I will then begin working on Photoshop. Then I will reply to the mails that I checked earlier and continue working. I will then take a lunch break and grab some coffee.

I spend all afternoon working on new and current projects, and I also spend some time messaging with friends and clients. Once this is done, I will take a tea break, and maybe do a bit of gardening. Then, it’s back to Photoshop. I make sure that I get time to play with my kids when I have done a few more hours and then it’s back on the Mac again before dinner and putting my kids to bed. I will then finish anything that I need to before watching some DVDs till late. Copy paste repeat.

S] You lived in Bristol and moved over to France, in what ways if any, does the world around you inspire the work that you do?

Sam] Not really. My inspiration comes more from music and movies.

S] You seem to have a very cyberpunk theme running through your work, and this is reflected in that you do some astounding stuff for both Industrial and metal artists, would this be an accurate snapshot of your style and musical influences, discuss?

Sam] Yes, definitely! I listen to a lot of metal, industrial and hardcore music. When I was a kid, I was really into Goth music and punk. I’m still a huge fan of Bauhaus, Virgin Prunes, Killing Joke, The Cure and Joy Division. Then I got into stuff like NIN, Godflesh, Pitchshifter, Nailbomb and Faith No more. I also really like hardcore noisy bands like Helmet, Unsane and Quicksand too. All these bands influence me and my work for sure.

S] What do you look at when you begin a piece of work, take Pitchshifter’s ‘PSI’ and Celldweller’s ‘Soundtrack for the Voices’ – what was the process like when you began to work on both of these album designs?

Sam] For Pitchshifter, it was a collaborative effort and I worked closely with JS Clayden on the artwork. We were constantly exchanging ideas and discussing the best way to produce the sleeve. I worked on some first sketches then we thought about the best way to produce it in 3D. Then we worked toward adding in some more elements and we tried various directions – angles and colours until we were both happy with the final result. It was a great project and collaboration.

On the Celldweller project, I had more freedom and Klayton really trusted me. He sent me the songs and loads of various artworks, paintings and images that he loved along with a small briefing. From there, I just went for it. There were various stages that we experimented with before we got to the final piece.

psicover Celldweller

S] Many young people want to get into media these days, and we know that it is a very broad spectrum and so hard, but you have managed to make money doing what you love – so what is the best advice you can offer someone interested in graphic, web or video production?

doseprod-downthememorylaneSam] First, you need to have a real sense of motivation and passion, and most importantly you have to love what you do. It’s more than a job. You need to feel the urge to get up in the morning and to want to get started and feel you’re going to have a great day doing what you really enjoy. In my opinion, it is important to try and not be too influenced by design trends and that you need to try and create your own style and be different.

S] How important to you is it to maintain a close relationship with your client – are you ever tempted to get involved in the creative process at all with some musicians that you work with?

Sam] I have met so many great people during all these years and with most of them, I am able to keep in touch regularly. Some have become good friends of mine. I get involved a lot in all the creative process whilst working with the bands. I always speak my mind and give my thoughts and opinions on any changes that they want to make. If they say they prefer a different font or colour and I think it doesn’t work then I’ll let them know – but at the end of the day they have the final word, as an artist I respect that. Sure, sometimes I wish that some people would listen more to their designer and trust them but we’re not living in a perfect world, are we? (laughs)

S] Can you reveal some of your biggest plans for the rest of this year to us?

Sam] My biggest plan coming up is that I’m moving back to the UK and setting up my DOSEprod Graphic studio in Edinburgh at the end of this year. I am very excited about it

S] DOSEProd is the DJ at our night – what five tracks do you drop?


Faith No More – ‘Jizzlober’

Nailbomb – ‘Wasting Away’

Killing Joke – ‘Requiem’

Jesu – ‘Friends are Evil’

Battle of Mice – ‘Bones in the Water’

For more information, visit the artist’s Myspace and website.

You can also check out this video for ‘Worst Case Scenario’ from UK industrial rockers Victory Pill which features DOSEProd’s motion design work.

Find out more about Sam Hayles’ band Toxikhate here.

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