Watch: Gloo – ‘Stop And Stare’

By Dom Smith
By February 22, 2019 News, Videos, Videos Of The Week

Littlehampton’s punk trio Gloo turn a new leaf today, with their chaotically anthemic new single Stop And Stare. Drummer Mark Harfield explains, “I see it as a nod to all things social media and not being able to do anything without someone watching. This was the first track we wrote after finishing our last release ‘A Pathetic Youth’, and we were so happy that we were able to still crack out bangers that we love playing live!

Personifying DIY, Stop And Stare was recorded at local studio Ford Lane, and the band took to their local venue Bar 42 to film the video on their own with a kind helping hand (AKA lighting & smoke) from the manager. “We do a lot of our stuff ourselves from demoing, artwork, merch to videos and releases. It’s amazing to have creative control and also well fun pissing around making videos and printing merch. We’re also just not into the fads that seem to swallow bands whole. You won’t see the dad cap and your uncles Ellesse potato sack fit jumper on us anytime soon. We quite literally are just doing us which if you like is great, and if that ain’t for you then that’s great too!”

A product of their fading seaside resort hometown, Littlehampton, GLOO create high octane and abrasive sounds, pulsing with infectious melodies. GLOO adhere to provide a sense of relief from modern life’s struggles – the fantasy of quitting a dead end and mundane nine-to-five job, the aspiration to escape small town life and see the world.

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