Leeds-based progressive rock band, Zeitgeist release debut video, ‘Thantos’

By August 30, 2016 News, Videos, Videos Of The Week

West Yorkshire prog-rock three-piece, Zeitgeist are getting ready to unleash their unique “terrorjazz” all over the place.

Zeitgeist Thantos press

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Debut single, ‘Thantos’ is an absolute juggernaut of sound and belting fury, taking in the most electrifying textural parts of Tool and smashing them against the sheer, spine-tingling power and energy of Meshuggah.

The band’s keyboardist, Aleks Podraza comments on the track’s inspirations: “This is probably the heaviest track we’ve ever played. I remember hearing a track called The Reptilian Brain by the American band Intronaut, and fell in love with the whole riff-over-a-tampura drone thing, and I really just wanted to create my own version of that sound.  Things just took off from there. There are a tonne of other little mathematical influences that I fleshed out in ‘Thantos’.”

Zeitgeist are: Aleks Podraza (keyboards) Sam Quintana (electric bass) and Tom Higham (drums)

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