Video: Architects – ‘Devil’s Island’

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By November 15, 2011 September 12th, 2016 Videos Of The Week

Recalling some of the vivid images of the riots which occured in English cities this summer, the new video by Architects, ‘Devil’s Island’, offers a powerful combination of sound and vision.


Here’s the video:


UPDATE (NOVEMBER 21): We’ve been told today that ‘Devil’s Island’ is released as a single on December 4. The band’s drummer, Dan Searle, comments on what he calls a “landmark” song: “It encapsulates everything that this band is about. The biggest difference though, is the change in attitude lyrically. Whereas before our lyrics mostly dealt with personal experiences – relationships and time spent in the band etc – now the lyrics are beginning to focus on bigger picture issues that effect, or WILL effect, everyone.”


More information on Architects can be found on their website.

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