Video: Bloc Party – ‘Kettling’

By Editor
By October 4, 2012 News, Videos, Videos Of The Week

Watch the latest video from Bloc Party for ‘Kettling’. The vid was filmed at a primary school in Charlton, SE London, and it sees a group of kids partaking in one of the country’s oldest yet most controversial playground games – British Bulldog.

Variously banned in some schools and encouraged in others across the UK due to its physicality and boisterousness, this childhood throwback was seen by director James Lees as the perfect accompaniment to the song’s confrontational subject matter.

Its vivid lyrics were inspired by the global civil unrest of 2011: “There was so much going on in the world in 2011” says Kele, “you couldn’t turn on the television without seeing pictures of people protesting or rioting or mass disarray. Of course those are quite frightening images. But there’s also something quite poetic about people standing up and saying they’ve had enough of something; that no, they will not take this any more. That’s what the song was really about.”

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