Video: Coheed And Cambria – ‘The Afterman’

By Dom Smith
By November 16, 2012 News, Videos, Videos Of The Week

Watch the new Coheed And Cambria video for ‘The Afterman’ now. The video shows the band at their most delicate and cinematic, continuing the visual story from the album’s story line. The video sees The Afterman’s (i.e. Sirius Amory) spaceship exploding in the sky, and his wife Meri’s emotional response to the news.

‘The Afterman’ is the first volume from the double-album charts Sirius’ sci-fi journey into the stars of the alternate universe known well by Coheed fans as ‘Heaven’s Fence’. Upon entering the Keywork, the blue gaseous energy force that powers these worlds, Amory stumbles upon the Afterlife. In his first confrontation with a soul, Domino The Destitute possesses Sirius, who is forced to relive the frenetic events that had occurred in Domino’s waking life. The second volume, ’Descension’ follows Sirius’ return to his home planet after a long absence and the negative effects that follow.

‘The Afterman’ series is from ‘The Amory Wars’, created by guitarist/singer/songwriter Claudio Sanchez, ‘The Amory Wars’ is a cosmic narrative spanning five concept albums, countless comic books, and a novel co-written by Peter David.

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