Video: Markus Schulz – ‘Calling All Unicorn Slayers’

By August 5, 2011 October 7th, 2016 Videos Of The Week

Markus Schulz is currently ranked as the world’s 8th Best DJ, and here’s his short video for the awesomely named ‘Calling All Unicorn Slayers’! Check it out below.


The yearly DJMag competition has opened for voting again and this year Markus Schulz is pushing to climb up the rankings. In this promotional video, Markus captures the essence of the Unicorn. In trance music the Unicorn stands for cheap, generic, cheesy and uplifting music, the opposite to Markus’ style of music which is renowned for its deeper, darker and more technical sounds, making Markus a unicorn killer. Killing a unicorn (apparently…) stands for rewarding the true trance music fans and is a well-known metaphor in the scene.

You can vote to support the DJ here.


For more information visit the official Markus Schulz website.