Video: Patrick Wolf – ‘Together’

By Editor
By December 1, 2011 Videos Of The Week

Here’s the video to ‘Together’ by Patrick Wolf, one of the seven tracks included on the ‘Brumalia’ EP released on December 5.


Speaking about the track, Wolf says the track is the reason why the EP came to being: “The lyric ‘London bridge, the rain, at last back in these arms again’ made me want to tell an inner city winter months story record. It feels amazing to also finally make a music video for this song, I saved it from ‘The Bachelor’ album as I wanted it to have its own space and time as a song.”


“It’s really been the big number of my festival sets during this Summer. I feel like the song is definitely already public property!” Wolf continues. “I wrote it on the London tube on the way to Heathrow to catch a plane over to Berlin to work on some production with Alec Empire. I’m really proud of Alec’s synth programming on this song, it was produced in his hellish vortex studio on his amazing old Russian synthesizers and beats made on an Atari computer.”


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