Video: The Sound Of Arrows – ‘Magic’

By June 29, 2011 September 12th, 2016 Videos Of The Week

Check out this delightful and enchanting video from Swedish electronic pop duo The Sound Of Arrows – it’s all blissful hooks and catchy melodies. To be honest, it’s more of a short film than a music video, but all the same, you should definitely check it out. Yes indeed it’s erm…magic stuff.


Set in a world where all the adults have disappeared, this colourful four-minute epic brings to mind the enchanting mystery of Del Toro’s ‘Pan’s Labyrinth’ and the playful imagination of Pixar’s creations. It is utterly enchanting and poignant, with the parent-less children roaming free across the city, before eventually stumbling upon a hidden enclave of magical creatures who become their friends and protectors. It’s ‘Where The Wild Things Are’ meets ‘The Neverending Story’, and every bit as fantastical, beguiling, and eye-poppingly stunning as that sounds.

As with their past videos, ‘Magic’ was conceived and filmed by the band themselves (and co-directed by Andreas Öhman who made the critically acclaimed Swedish film ‘Simple Simon’) with child actors in the surrounding areas of a small Spanish village, two hours from Madrid.

Explaining their absence from the video, Gullstrand explains that it is meant to be “childlike and youthful, and true to the song. When we were thinking about the video, Stefan and I first came up for about 200 ideas for a feature film…this is meant to be the trailer for that film. We wanted to capture that feeling”. We’d say they definitely have accomplished their goal.


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