Video: Van Ludwin vs Ash – ‘Star Wars Times’

By December 21, 2015 News, Videos, Videos Of The Week

This is probably the most ridiculous(ly awesome) thing you’re going to see all year. Just in time….

Starwarsguitar (1)

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Van Ludwin, the former indie pop star (once dropped from his major label for, err…‘defecating’ on a copy of the NME and sending it to them) returns with a politically charged pop-punk Star Wars anthem, mixed by Slave’s producer Jolyon Thomas.

Northern-Irish self-confessed Wookie nerds Ash and Steve Ludwin (AKA Van Ludwin) have teamed up along with Joylon Thomas – the producer of one of this year’s standout albums, Slaves’ ‘Are You Satisfied’ to create a Christmas contender with a difference.