Watch: Arcadial unleash new track and video

By February 21, 2020 News, Videos, Videos Of The Week

London alt-rock band, Arcadial (Benjamin Blake and Jason Wadey), are pleased to announce details of a brand new track ‘Limpdick Voodoo’ out now. Lifted from their debut EP ‘Pandorium’ due this March, it follows on from their recent protest single, ‘Twenty Seven Closed Doors’, and continues the band’s impressive sonic assault as highlighted in the ominous accompanying video clip for ‘Limpdick Voodoo’.

They say: “This is our Picasso. Or maybe closer to Bukowski. ‘Limpdick Voodoo’ set the groundwork for our sound, a healthy lathering of riffs composed on the guitar, piano and bass welded together by a drumbeat that could have been taken off a 90s rap mixtape. The aim was to create the musical equivalent of schizophrenia, where voices, along with a
disjunct piano, pan left and right to make you feel paranoid. The piano outro was made to be a release from that. It’s sometimes tempting to give up on the world that you’ve built for yourself, whether that be a family or a comfortable job. The lyrics are about remembering who you really are, perhaps you’re an absolute penis for example, but that should be
accepted, suppressed, and put on the figurative bookshelf.”

Arcadial’s upcoming debut EP, ‘Pandorium’ incorporates synthesised soundscapes which battle with high-energy intricate guitar riffs for dominance throughout every song. The power dynamic displayed on the tracks often feel like a struggle between two opposing ideologies a theme reflected in Pandorium’s lyrics and uncommon song structures. The band’s influences are most apparent in the track ‘Limpdick Voodoo’ panning piano keys and a slippery rock riff are played over a rap beat that could have been taken from a ‘90s mixtape.

Just as many other famous musicians have in the past, founding members Benjamin Blake and Jason Wadey formed Arcadial less than a month after completing their chemical engineering degrees. Laden with accumulating student loan debt, Arcadial decided to make the excellent financial decision of moving to Central London without jobs – to pursue a lucrative career in music. If they cannot be found at the band is probably drinking tap water in preparation for a showing of their unique form of synth-heavy alternative rock. In an age where individuality can make an artist an overnight Soundcloud sensation, Arcadial is screaming that they are unique, just like everybody else.

With an ever burgeoning live reputation following a seemingly never ending series of live dates Arcadial have forged their own sound from a plethora of influences, frenetic guitar lines do battle, thrilling and hypnotic.

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