Watch: Bleeth – ‘Divulging Souls’

By August 29, 2018 News, Videos, Videos Of The Week

Check out this killer stuff from Miami doom/sludge band, Bleeth. Absolutely awesome!


The video was directed and produced by BK Adams for Figbox Video and is a suspense-rich thriller, guest starring Casey Toimil, a local Miami musician of the band Snake Hole.  The director drew inspiration from horror classics such as The Omen (’76) and Poltergeist when creating the visual concept that would accompany Bleeth’s enticing and ghostly ‘Divulging Souls’. 

I wanted to take it back to when a lot of cinematography was attached to a tripod or a dolly and the effects were practical. I’m very into surreal situations, things that maybe don’t make sense, but can still portray or invoke real emotion.” – Adam’s explains.