Watch: Percy – ‘Will Of The People’

We’re very proud to bring to the excellently animated alternative rock / post-punk goodness of York’s Percy and their new video for the frenzied, vitriolic governmental anti-anthem ‘Will Of The People’.

Songwriter and Lyricist Colin Howard (Guitars/Vox) and Andy Wiles (Bass) have been releasing music under the band name ‘Percy’ since 1996.

It’s not widely known but Colin is a multi-instrumentalist and as well as playing guitar and singing on this latest album, ‘Seaside Donkeys’ he brought his violin skills to the recording session. When not screaming into the mic live with Percy, he plays a more sedate role in York’s Guildhall Orchestra, while Colin and Andy have been together for a long time, they both agree that there has never been as much energy and eclectic productivity in the band since they were joined three years ago by Jason Wilson on drums and Paula Duck on synths.