Watch: Primitive Ignorant – ‘You Got Me’

By December 13, 2019 News, Videos, Videos Of The Week

Here’s a killer dose of industrial-alternative-rock from former Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster man, Sym Gharial. We are honoured to host his new project, Primitive Ignorant.

Sym Gharial comments: “This is the second single from Primitive Ignorant. I’m in in the final days of mixing the debut album. It’s really exciting. When I got clean I started to become aware of the cultural regression Britain was embracing, including the rise in hate towards immigrants and it led me on a crusade with my own personal paranoia and confusion around cultural affiliation.

I went back through my own history, and the history of India whilst making music I’d never made before to find some peace and freedom around my own deep rooted disfunction and explore the ignorance in the alleged truth and the mishaps in my own self perception. Once again I feel victorious and free. The songs are about colonialism in India, characters In Ladbroke Grove where I grew up, Grenfell which is extremely close to my heart, addiction, cultural shame and the regression of the human race. It’s not about being a victim. The victory comes by transcending the darkness and evil using music, art and film to deliver the human spirit to the upper reaches of reality.”