Watch: The DSM IV – ‘Racist Man’

By Dom Smith
By October 30, 2018 News, Videos, Videos Of The Week

Did you ever wonder what happened to Guy Mcknight from Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster? No?! Well we fucking have. In fact, it’s kept us awake most nights for the last few years, and while fellow amazing musicians associated with the project through its history, including Rich Fownes (Clever Thing), Dominic Knight (Dirty White Fever) and Andy Huxley and Sym Gharial (Piano Wire) have gone on to do excellent things, we’ve always wondered about that loveable (if slightly chaotic) dude. Here he is now, in 2018 with another great load of cool looking musicians doing like…disco-post-punk. It’s mint though, and we’re looking forward to seeing them play up North soon.


Matching up with Jade Ormesher, Pav Cummins and Jimmy Higgs, the band’s first video is below, and for those interested the moniker DSM IV is (probably) based on The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders‘ fourth edition, the manual used by the American Psychiatric Association to classify mental illnesses. Delightful.

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