Band Spotlight: New Beat Fund

By September 21, 2018 Band, Spotlight

In our latest Band Spotlight we chat to super-chilled Californian alt-rockers, New Beat Fund about music, creative inspirations and more.

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How are you doing today, thanks for talking to us!

We are alive and happy to connect with you guys!

What inspires the band outside of music – think people, places and movies for example?

Life in itself is inspiring.  People are the biggest generators of emotions and energy. We all have some amazing people in our lives. Obviously: Garden State, Kobe Bryant, Jim Carrey, Eternal Sunshine, disco balls, trippy lights, flow of the ocean, Boogie Nights, Salvador Dali, Oliver Hibert, our mentors, surfing, sex, the universe and its strong will.

What challenges do you face as a band?

Money, recognition, braking the barriers and assumptions of our past works, sobriety, and persevering. If you were to ask us about why we keep going as a band, it would definitely be a more beautiful answer.

Talk us through the inspirations behind ‘When She’s Sober’ in as much detail as you can?

We had just arrived in Arkansas or Oklahoma, can’t remember where exactly but in the South, we all hit the streets to find a bar. As we were walking we passed by a guy on the phone leaning on a lightpost. The only words that we heard out of his mouth as we were passing by was “She never cries when she’s sober”. It was instantly a chorus in our minds and gift bestowed upon us from the song gods. We took the phrase as a seed and it blossomed into the lyrics and mood you know now.

What led to you guys covering Rae Stremmurd’s ‘No Type’, and how do you feel about it’s success?

NBF did a frat tour as the original came out, loved it and noticed everyone turning way up for it. We decided to make our own version for fun, put it up on Soundcloud and it just did super well. It was made super-fast and we love how it came out. Ours has a slightly different meaning/connotation than the original which is cool. It also goes hard live. Pretty stoked about how much everyone digs it!

On that note, what does success mean to you guys? 

Soundsphere going philosophical! We are successful in the way that we do exactly what we love to do.  We have reached satisfying levels of credibility while touching countless people by our music and that keeps us going. It is truly beautiful. Traditional ideas of fiscal success is probably just the same as anyone else. It’s never enough and there could always be more. We’ve all been sold the beachside mansion dream, that will do alongside some dope rides. So will meaningful relationships and a living wage doing shit we actually care about.

What are your plans for the rest of the year? 

Chillantropy Pt 2., producing and writing for other artist, remixes for Chillanthropy Pt 1, and creating more great pieces of art.

Is there anywhere you guys would like to visit in the UK?

London’s calling, Liverpool, Abbey Road would be neat, Stonehenge, York, as many castles as possible, Cardiff….being a tourist is fun but having an extended stay to really understand the culture is probably necessary. It would be amazing to play some historic venues over there as well, though, touring doesn’t always lend enough time to soak everything in.

What would be your key tips to other emerging bands? 

Find out who you are and stay true to that. Keep making music. Stay having fun. Patience is key because it seems humans are living longer than ever these days. Godspeed.