Band Spotlight: Red Method

By December 21, 2018 Band, Spotlight

In our latest Band Spotlight, we chat to Alex Avdis (The AvD) of Red Method about the band’s development, current inspirations and more…

S] Talk us through the specific experiences that gave birth to Red Method, and as an extention, ‘Split’?

I mean, how far back should I go?  I guess you could say that after calling it a day with my old band, I just wanted a break from the whole thing. I was writing music for other people and producing, and I really thought I was done touring. It takes so much out of you and consumes one’s life.  But after a while, I got restless and wanted back in, only subconsciously to begin with.  

I went to see a friend’s gig and was hanging out backstage before they went on, and I turned to my girl and said, “I miss this.” 

Jeremy and I have talked about doing something together for ages since the Ted Maul / Meta-Stasis days, but he was too busy with all that and I was constantly touring with The Defiled, so there was really no time.  

I guess all the stars aligned though – around the time I was itching to go at it again, Jeremy was thinking of taking a new musical direction.  He called me and asked if I’d be down to work together and I’ve got to say, it was a no brainier.  It was an immediate yes. 

S] How do you look back at the success of your previous bands at this point? 

I’m very proud of everything we achieved! We did things that not many people get to do in their lifetime: we’ve sold out tours, travelled the world, I’ve met my heroes…. I played a gig on an iceberg in the North Pole, for God’s sake! I have nothing but fond memories.  

S] How are you looking forward to getting back out on the road? 

Ah man, that’s what it’s all about isn’t it? I need that in my life. I get rid of all the negativity and can be a good person because of playing live. I definitely missed that aspect more than anything – I can’t wait!

These guys are just the best, there’s real sense of camaraderie and we all want the best for each other. We’re constantly laughing our heads off too, so touring will be a breeze man, I’m sure.

We’re booking loads of gigs so it’s going to be full on really soon – come out and get involved!

S] What motivates you guys outside of music, think specific people, places and/or movies/games etc.? 

Life and being alive motivates me. I mean, we’re here for not very long and I want to squeeze all the juice out of this thing while I’m alive and healthy.  I’m doing this for my younger self, it’s all that little dude ever wanted to do and I’m going to make that boy proud. 

S] How do you define success as people, and artists? 

Success has to be happiness and being content.  I know it’s a bit of a boring cliche to say but after going through a lot of shit in life, it all comes down to that.  You could be the richest, most famous sad person in the world or a really content person living a good “normal” life.  I think the trick is listening to the “I” deep down inside you and satisfying that guy.  Don’t be the person people expect you to be or what you think you should be to be socially accepted.  That will just lead to depression and unease.  Success as a person is being able to be good to your self, it’s not always easy and I’m not very good at it but I try.  Success as an artist is honesty and a catharsis of all the shit that lurks inside.  Recognition is amazing but it’s even better when you know you haven’t cheated your self to get it.