Band Spotlight: Room 1985

By July 14, 2017 Band, Spotlight

Check out our band spotlight with progressive rock act, Room 1985 below…

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S] What inspires the band’s music, outside of other artists – think people, places and things?

Well, the inspirations come from so many things, but our personal life experiences are a major factor, along with travelling a lot over the last few years. For example on the debut album we reflect on issues like the implications – both positive and negative – that experiences with love can have on our everyday lives. That’s the theme on tracks like This is the Way, Ecstasy and For You,  where-as Day After Day is about being old and how you find yourself alone when you are the oldest in a family and Something is a reflection on the death of your loved ones. We also got inspiration from religion on the title track Room 1985, which looks at how regardless of if you are believing in something or not, religion still effects many of our behaviours today – even if subconsciously. Other tracks on the album examine our own private moments, our own reflections, particularly Future Rain, The Door and Quote, and last but not least, the importance of art in our lives on He Paints a Picture.

S] What would you say your biggest challenges are as a band?  

Our biggest challenges come from that fact that we are very determined to achieve our goals which are not fame and success, but just to keep making music, touring until our last breath and giving fans what we’re trying to give to ourselves: great emotions through our music. We hope to start that process with this album and to spread our emotions and art to as many people as possible.

S] How do you like taking this music live?

We look on what we do as not just music, but more an event to be regarded in the same light as a book to read or a movie to see or even a theatrical musical to attend! Of course it’s not always possible in certain contexts such as festivals or in some small spaces, but we always give our best to succeed and to give a 360 degrees interactive musical and visual performance.

S] What’s been a career highlight so far?

Individually we already had few highlights – mainly working with some big names. As for the band, we’re almost one year old and in that year we’ve signed a record deal, played more than 30 gigs, got good feedback from promoters and gig-goers. We’ve built up a decent following both on social media and live – it’s something we’re proud of, not to mention the fact we’re about to release our first album and we already have almost enough material for the second one!