Band Spotlight: Swine Tax

By November 28, 2018 Band, Spotlight

In our latest Band Spotlight, we chat to Newcastle alternative rockers, Swine Tax.

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What are your biggest challenges for you as a band?

We have a very short attention span when it comes to practicing our existing set of songs – it can get a bit dull. We’d much rather keep our eye in by playing regularly to a crowd of perplexed faces, and instead use our practice time to write new material and jam.

What motivates you outside of music – think specific people and places?

Boredom is a good motivator – we find that life can seem a bit unfulfilling when we’re not creating anything. We’re also lucky to know a few people in the North East who effectively dedicate their lives to making art. It’s inspiring to be surrounded by people who pursue their own creative interests and don’t wish to conform to societal pressures and expectations about what constitutes a ‘successful’ life.

Talk to us about your plans for the rest of the year?

On 9th November we’re supporting Brix & the Extricated in Newcastle. We’re all massive fans of the Fall, so it’s a very big deal for us! Beyond that we’ve got another single release, some further live dates, and hopefully we’ll stop at some different service stations.

How do you define success as an artist?

Good question. I suppose that for us it’s really about making music that we’re proud of and interested in. We don’t really have many expectations for ourselves, but we have enormous admiration for enduring and uncompromising artists like the Nightingales, the Fall and Yo La Tengo.  We put a lot into our music, so hopefully our playing and songwriting will continue to improve. And, of course, we want people to listen to our music and want to play gigs with bands whose tunes we like!