Band Spotlight: UK Subs

By July 2, 2018 Band, Spotlight

In our latest Band Spotlight, we chat to Charlie Harper of UK punk legends, UK Subs about their new covers record, ‘Subversions’, and plans for the future.

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How did you enjoy recording the covers record, talk to us about some of best moments?

It was quiet a challenge but the speed that we did it surprised me. There were many moments like accidents of sound, instead of mellowing them down, we let them go, as they gave us a big laugh. Nobody has complained yet.

What does the band mean to you now, after all these years, what does SUBS represent now?

The band has always been my life, it represents an artistic outlet with no one to censor us.

What’s goals do you have for the future? 

Just to keep on playing live, we are on track to record five original songs on a 12” EP, also we hope to play our first LP live next year as its the 40th anniversary of Another Kind of Blues!

How do you define success? 

Just doing something that you love to do, and perhaps making a living from this.

What is motivating you outside of music, think specific people, and places? 

Very good question – every one who has had fight adversity and has stuck to their proverbIal guns, just get on with it.

You’ve covered a range of bands from different eras on this record, what new and emerging acts are you paying attention to?

Ha! Nobody likes the new bands that I go to see. I absolutely love Screaming Females, not exactly new but new to the UK, and a very new band out of Melbourne Australia. Amil and the Sniffers look like Trailer Trash with mullet hair cuts, so uncool that they are the coolest band on the planet, could be the new Sex Pistols, and they are on their way to the UK! Another new band out of Brighton are the Rotten Foxes just a great fun band that are the future of rock and roll.

 What advice would you give to emerging acts yourself? 

If you love playing, stick to it, the road is hard but beats a 9 to 5. I just look at a tour as another fun holiday.