10 Most Expensive Music Videos of All Time

By August 12, 2021 Blogs, Gambling

There are lots of things you can do to become entertained and get a profit. You can monetize your hobby or play https://www.playamo.com/games/slots. In both cases, you will get even more energy if you turn on the music. More pleasure will be achieved if you watch videos filmed for these tracks. And these are the most expensive music videos of all time.  

Scream, Michael Jeson and Janet Jackson (1995)

This music video remains the most expensive music video in history for over 20 years. It was 1995 and the cost of the special effects was staggering, as well as the stylists and makeup artists for the two stars of the Jackson family – it is said that they cost $11 thousand a day. They were talking about an $11,000-a-day stylists and makeup artists for the two Jackson family members, the most expensive line of expenses was the spaceship that was built specifically for the video shoot – $65,000 for the entire shooting. 

Die Another Day, Madonna (2002)

It turns out that the cost of a music video can be more expensive than a Hollywood blockbuster. Case in point – Madonna, who in 2002 spent more on the set of Die Another Day video than her ex-husband Guy Ritchie did on Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. Incidentally, the singer recorded the song for the soundtrack of the next James Bond movie at the request of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

Express Yourself, Madonna (1989)

Once again, Madonna. This time in collaboration with director David Fincher. Prior to the Michael and Janet Jackson Scream video, the video for the track Express Yourself retained its status as the most expensive ever for six years.

Bedtime Story, Madonna (1995)

It’s nothing new – and it’s also Madonna. Bjork was involved in writing the composition, which is evident in the song itself, which is uncharacteristic of Madonna, and in the video. The shooting of the video lasted for seven days, and the editing was the most difficult – it was done within a month and a half.

Black or White, Michael Jackson (1991)

Let’s go back to Michael Jackson. The video for the hit song Black or White, known to absolutely everybody, starred Macaulay Culkin, Tyra Banks, George Wendt, Tess Harper – probably the lion’s share of the budget was spent on them (and the impressive crowd). On the other hand, a running time of 11 minutes couldn’t have come cheap. But the video was received ambiguously and only the first six minutes were allowed on TV.

Estranged, Guns N’Roses (1993)

Jackson and Madonna are joined by rock classics Guns N’Roses. In this clip, they dropped almost $4 million on airplanes and ships, as well as diver fees.

Victory, Puff Daddy (1998)

Puff Daddy, aka Sean Combs, has remained the leader in terms of spending on music videos since 1998. It features crime, explosions, chases, shootings, and other gangster mastheads. The clip also stars Dennis Hopper and Danny de Vito. And, of course, an entire stunt team with a $5,000 fee. The most expensive cost was to build the plane and blow it up – $55,000.

Too Legit to Quit, MC Hammer (1991)

American rapper MC Hammer spent an impressive $2,500,000 on a commercial, and ended up with a music video that was deemed his worst work. Nevertheless, it was not for nothing – at least on the list of the most expensive in history he is holding steady.

Heartbreaker, Mariah Carey (1999)

Even though Mariah’s most popular song comes out of all receivers every Christmas, the biggest investment she decided to make was in the video for her composition Heartbreaker. She had to shell out $140,000 just to rent the location – the estate and the movie theater – and $80,000 for the animation.

What’s lt Gonna Be, Busta Rhymes and Janet Jackson (1999)

At the bottom of the top ten list is Janet Jackson again, but this time in the company of Busta Rhymes. The special effects and character reincarnations cost the most, and the spectacular explosion cost as much as $20,000.