10 musicians who were wealthy before they were famous

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Reading about Celebs is everyone’s favorite pastime, and we all are moved by their stories of struggles and hard days. Making it big in the entertainment industry is not a low-hanging fruit, and talent is imperative to survive. Still, if someone is from a wealthy family, their chances of becoming a successful artist are way higher due to apparent reasons. Let us introduce you to some of the mainstream musicians and singers whose parents were millionaires, and they had a pretty affluent lifestyle even before they became famous. Have a look below…

Taylor Swift:

The “Love Story” famed 31 years old American Singer and songwriter Taylor Swift’s current estimated net worth is $365 million. Thanks to her well-to-do parents, who noticed her potential at a young age, helped her achieve this height of success. Taylor’s father, Scott Swift, is a business graduate and the founder of The Swift Group and her mother was a marketing executive for a significant period. Both her parents were pretty well off to give the pop star a wonderful privileged childhood.

Adam Levine:

The very charming lead vocalist of Maroon 5, “Adam Levine,” had an affluent upbringing. He was born in Los Angeles to Fredric Levine & Patsy Noah. His father established a successful retail clothing business with several stores in the Los Angeles region, and her mother was an admission counselor. Despite being divorced, the couple gave him a comfortable lifestyle and paid for his expensive education at the Brentwood School, where Adam met the other Maroon 5 members.

Lady Gaga:

Stefanie Germanotta, alias Lady Gaga is one of the richest celebrities of recent times, but like her real name many don’t know about her parents’ well-off background. Gaga was born to a well-settled couple living in the Upper West Side of New York City. Her father owned and operated Guest Wi-Fi, a tech-based company that deals with Wi-Fi for the hotel industry, and her mother worked as a senior executive at the tech giant Verizon.

Ariana Grande:

Managing finances was never an issue for Ariana’s parents, which gave the young musician a pretty privileged and comfortable life. Ibi Designs is a prominent graphic design company in Florida with many big clients like FAO Schwartz & Eddie Murphy. Her father Butera owns the company and serves as a CEO at the creative studio and her mother Joan Grande is the CEO at HMC Communication. The couple happily gave all their children every luxury of life.

Miley Cyrus:

Miley Cyrus is unquestionably the best-selling millennial super talented artist with a net worth of $160 million. The 28-year-old celebrated artist started working as a teenager and first appeared on the TV series Hannah Montana on The Disney Channel. Creativity runs in their blood as her father, Billy Cyrus, is also an immensely successful country singer. Billy rose to fame very early in his music career when “Achy Breaky Heart” became a huge hit. Miley had a sweet, comfortable life as a child with all the great musicians around her, which encouraged her to polish her craft and outshine in the music industry.

Ed Sheeran:

We all had seen Sheeran’s photo from his early teenage years when he was singing on the streets of Ireland. We don’t know about the photograph’s authenticity, but his song “Photograph” indeed created a buzz. The renowned singer had pretty artsy successful parents. Sheeran’s father worked at the Cartwright Hall as an art curator, and his mother served at Manchester City Art Gallery, who now works as a jewelry designer. The multitalented singer also owns an art consultancy named “Sheeran Lock.”

Lana Del Rey:

Lana Del Rey belongs to a well to do family, and money was never a problem for her. Her rich father, Robert England Grant Jr., is a millionaire real estate broker and an award-winning entrepreneur who founded a publishing firm “Web Media Properties.” Her mother, Patricia, was also very successful in her career and worked at Grey Group as an account executive. Lana has been accused of taking financial help from her father to support her career; however, the “Born to Die” famed singer-songwriter has ultimately denied the rumors.

Allison Williams:

Allison Williams started as a singer. The youtube video of “A Beautiful Mine” performance opened new horizons of success for her, and she was casted in the series Girls aired on HBO. Allison had a silver spoon upbringing, and the media world was not unknown to her. She was born to Brian Williams, a famous news anchor, and Jane Stodder, who worked as a TV producer. The singer turned actor spent her childhood in an affluent town in Connecticut and studied at the famous institute “Yale University, which has an annual average cost of approx. 76000 dollars. We will leave the math to you all.

Jordin Sparks:

The youngest winner of American Idol with a net worth of $8million, “Jordin Sparks,” belongs to a prosperous family. Both her parents were very successful in their careers, which empowered them to give their daughter a fairly lavish life even before she won the title and became famous. She was born to Philip Sparks, a celebrated footballer of The New York Giants, and Jodi Beth Weidmann, an entrepreneur.

Robin Thickie:

Born to celebrity parents Alan Thickie and Gloria Loring, Robin Thicke also inclined the entertainment industry. Robert is a famous singer and songwriter with a stable music career. His father was an actor who was well known for his performance in “Growing Pain.” Her mother’s one of the many reasons for fame is her appearance in the longest-running soap opera, “Days of Our Lives” The couple got divorced when Robin was seven, but both gave him a luxurious childhood.

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