Duncan Bell’s Gadget Of The Week: GP2X Wiz

By August 24, 2009 September 14th, 2016 Blogs, Gadget Of The Week

The anti-PS3, the Wiz is a Linux-based, open-source handheld console. As such, it probably runs on tofu and is owned by men called Tristan, but who cares when it means you can load it up with vintage console and arcade emulators and carry the complete golden age of video games around in your pocket? ‘Psychic 5‘, ‘UN Squadron‘ and ‘Yoshi’s Island‘: welcome back to life. Sony, Nintendo and ‘The Man’ in general: sit on that…

{ma id=B001UFEIWK&name=The GP2X Wiz}


The Facts:

1] This little nipper is about as big as your mobile, so it’s compact, easy to use and it will take up all of your time. Also note the clear 320×240 LCD display.

2] It plays games, emulators (for over 50 systems), films and music so you can have a full-on audio and visual joygasm.

3] It’s got a nifty OLED touch screen so you can easily get what you need simply by putting your grubby little mits all over it – nice touch though!

4] There’s plenty of space with 64MB Ram and 1GB of internal storage.

Cost: Around £120

For more information visit the product’s official website.

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