Poem: Adam Peeroo – ‘The Mirrored Man’

By Andrew Gooch
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Welcome everyone, to this, the second of our spoken word entries, here on Soundsphere. On today’s entry we are proud to share the very first poem that was submitted to us by Manchester based writer, Adam Peeroo. His piece is named ‘The Mirrored Man’.



Put a man in a room with himself for two minutes.
He will know who he is and what he wants him to be.
Take that room away and it’s for the world to see.

Wall by wall.
Brick by brick.

I wonder what it would be like to have a glimpse of that reality.
To look through a glass roof looking down, or up at a world where we stand next to ourselves, our brothers and our sisters running into the light.

Never parting ways and never straying from that bland and beautiful road we call life.
Do you think we would take the time to look down or up to look at ourselves if we could?

I don’t think so.

What use is there in not keeping our eyes on the prize?
What a stupid notion to expect. Those bright lights are burnt in our eyes.
That road is so full we can’t help but shuffle and slide.

Step by step.
Hand in hand.

‘Oh, brother of mine, where are we going?’

‘I’m not quite sure but we will be there soon.’

‘Who are all these people?’

‘I don’t know just keep looking straight. We will be there soon.’

Little did I know I wasn’t there. I never was. It wasn’t for me to decide.
I looked through the glass.
Up and down at a road.

I saw it being built.

Not by men but with hope.
Hope built with my own hands with my brother at my side.
We built a wall around it.

Wall by wall.
Brick by brick.



Adam Peeroo was born in Scunthorpe, he currently lives in Manchester where he works for a blue chip company. His major writing influences are metaphysical poets (especially Andrew Marvell), religious texts/scriptures and general life experiences. He is in the process of writing his first novel and hopes to have it published some time in 2020.


Hope you enjoyed Adam’s first (of hopefully many) work here on our site.

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