Top Five Alternative Kasabian tracks

By June 26, 2019 Blogs, News, Something Alternative

Kasabian, an alternative rock band that made it big. With a sound that mixes rock music with psychedelic sounds and electronic synthesis, it’s not hard to imagine that Kasabian have some darker, heavier and other alternative tracks, that break the mould of their popular songs. Everyone knows ‘Fire’, ‘Underdog’ and ‘Club Foot’ but here are some hidden gems that often get lost in the mix of our society between radio plays, online streams and psychedelic dreams. 

‘Julie and the Moth Man’

Released as a B-side to the single of ‘Underdog’ in 2009, ‘Julie and the Moth Man’ is a song that makes extensive use of synthesizers and heavy guitars. The title of the song which is clearly a nod to the Myth of Mothman, a cryptid who was supposedly spotted in the late 60’s in West Virginia. The song captures this dark and mysterious sense with its sound and lyrics which feature “I am the mothman, I wanna eat right through your clothes”.


I.D is one of Kasabian’s first shows of a true alternative track, showing up as track four on their self named debut. This track features synthesis and feels like a true modern psychedelic jam. With sitary sounds and lyrics which talk about getting a “sense of nothing” and “music is mine”.


Appearing on Kasabian’s second album, ‘Empire’, Apnoea is a song which is fast paced, full of synthesis and Sergio Pizzorno’s great backing vocals. Apnoea has been described by Sergio as the bridge of the album and the track that “We wanted the track to kick you in the face and leave”. The word apnoea refers to loss of breathing whilst sleeping which causes panic, a word that fits in truly with the song.

‘Narcotic Farm’

‘Narcotic Farm’ was released as a B-side to ‘Goodbye Kiss’, a chilled out love song, in 2012. ‘Narcotic Farm’ features a catchy toe tapping drum beat and acid fuelled distorted vocals that fill your head with dark and heavier thoughts, all the while making you want to get down. The choruses feature clean vocals which feel lazy and ghostly with lyrics that include “At the narcotic farm they will do you no harm”

‘Cunny Grope Lane’ 

This track was only given out as an Itunes exclusive if you had pre-ordered ‘West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum’. This track is heavy and fast paced and is even slightly reminiscent of The Beatles. The track opens with the lyrics “Somebody held their hands out,’Cause my mind has gone” and that is how this track leaves you, with a lost mind. This due to the amount of sounds and colours that are being portrayed through it. The song is a true ‘Polyphonic Prostitute’, a lyric used in L.S.F.

Words: Thomas Steel