Alfonso Conspiracy talks self-expression and angst as musical inspiration

By April 4, 2021 Features, Interviews, News

In our latest Artist Interview, we chat to Hull-based DIY industrial act, Alfonso Conspiracy. 

S] What is your mission statement with Alfonso Conspiracy?

Alfonso Conspiracy is my outlet, emotionally and creatively. It is my way of expressing myself and saying what I’m scared to say in person. I hope people listen to it, inspires, and helps, musically and emotionally. I want to make people feel like they have someone there. Someone to look up to. And to know that you don’t need anything but your passion and constant drive to make music

S] Where does the name come from?

A magician doesn’t share his secrets…

S] How do you define success as an artist?

If you can afford more than a meal deal from Tesco every day, with only money from music. I say you’ve got it covered!

S] Who are the artists that inspire you?

There’s so many artists that inspire me, not just musicians but anyone who artistically inspired and excites me! Musically though I’m inspired by my good friends who prove everyday how fantastic they are. And of course bands like Nine Inch Nails, Motionless In White and Architects. I suppose they are the ones I always look at my music and see the influence

S] How difficult is the project to do live?

It takes a lot of setting up, sorting out and planning but it’s all fun and worth it. I’ve spent time making it feel like an experience and the production to sound acceptable. So it isn’t necessarily easy, but it’s worth it because I want to perform it as a solo piece, as I don’t see why I shouldn’t!

S] What are your goals for the future?

I refuse to die until I have made my mark on the world, specifically in the music scene. Nothing stops me from thriving and building my music career every day further and further, so my goals are simply to keep getting bigger and better

S] What’s your message for the people that have supported you?

The people who support me are the people who keep me from staying in bed every morning. It’s so humbling and heartwarming when you see someone enjoying your art, or supporting you in general. My message to them is of course thank you, but to keep helping me grow as an artist because I can’t do it without you. And if we keep pushing it we can make it together!