Alien Chicks discuss their new single ‘Cowboy’ and their goals as a band

By Dom Smith
By January 27, 2023 January 31st, 2023 Features, Interviews, News

We have a quick natter with the awesome Alien Chicks about their goals, and development as a band…

S] How are you guys doing?

We’re doing great thanks, how are you? We’re glad that our new single has been birthed into the world.

S] What would you say your mission statement is as a band?

Have fun, do a world tour, headline Glastonbury.

S] How are you looking forward to the shows you’re about to do?

We’re really excited about our gig on Monday kicking off the 10th anniversary of Independent Venue Week at the Windmill Brixton, with Cowboyy and Lip Filler.

The Windmill is our favourite place to play because the crowd has so much energy and a proper community feel. We’re also looking forward to playing at YES Manchester on Saturday for the Now Waves ‘Ones to See in 2023’ series.

It’s always a lot of fun driving to another city and sleeping on people’s floors. I say it’s a lot of fun because this is Martha and I can’t drive so I get to chill out in the back of the car while Joe and Stef take turns driving).

S] Talk us through your artistic and creative process for a track like ‘Cowboy’ and its many diverse sonic elements?

Joe] Cowboy is a big mix of a few riffs that were loitering in my mind over a few weeks. I think the poem resonates well with the unlikely pairing of the gentle verses and hectic sections. The lyrics explore themes of regret, confusion, self-blame and how these evils collude in taunting you through your dreams and subconscious.

Martha] We recorded Cowboy at Otterhead Studios in the countryside (great place) and we actually turned up planning to record one song (Candlestick Maker) but then we finished that, and moved on to Cowboy, which was our newest song at the time. When we record we play the song all three of us together (not to a click) to get as live a sound as possible, then when we’ve got the drums down, we layer all the other parts on top.

S] What motivates you guys outside of music, think people, places, and art/movies for example?

Joe likes strange facts. Martha likes travelling. Stef likes Joe.

S] How do you define success as artists, and as people?

Putting out the best music and best live gigs that we can, and giving it our all. Recording an album (or loads) and as many people as possible hearing it. Going on a European/American tour is a big goal too. As people – spending as much time as we can doing what we love (which is hard when it’s so difficult to make money out of recorded music these days!)

S] Is there anything you’d like to add that I’ve missed?

We’d like to shout out all the people who come to our gigs time and time again – you know who you are! Especially John, George, Bruno, and Toto. And shout out Tim from the Windmill Brixton who’s booked us to play there so many times.

S] Thanks for your time!