Band Spotlight: Cruel Hearts Club

By May 8, 2020 Features, Interviews

In our next Band Spotlight interview, we talk to Cruel Hearts Club about their inspirations and more.

How are you guys coping at the moment? 

We’re all doing Pretty good thanks.  Obviously missing each other and personally, just sitting in a pub, but busy within the ‘new normal’ of home schooling / home recording / remote song writing and even filming our video for the next single.  It’s so challenging but Rewarding too when it all comes together.

What would you say the band’s mission statement is? 

Our mission statement is essentially to just not give a fuck. Be open and vulnerable and also, hopefully, an inspiration to other women and mothers out there.

Talk us through the inspirations for your track, ‘Blame Me Too’?

‘Blame Me Too’ is a song about jealousy and heartbreak.

What motivates you outside of music, think specific people, places, games and movies for example?

Films and books are a huge inspiration and source of escapism for us, they inspire our song-writing immensely.  I would also add that our kids are really  inspiring and highly amusing too, they’re all pretty eccentric and out there which keeps us busy and in the moment.

How do you define success as artists?

The goal posts change all the time. When you’re a new band you feel successful when you manage to find a manager or a good booking agent. Then, when you sell out a show, it’s all relative. I mean, it’s not an easy business to make money in so I don’t gauge success specifically on financial turnover.

Cheers for your time!