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Mindless Self Indulgence are one of the hottest alternative acts on the planet right now. Their infectious blend of electronica, rock and punk music has made them irresistible to many; and SPHERE are no different. Recently we were able to catch up with the band’s ever charming vocalist Jimmy Urine for a quick natter about MSI’s influences and style…

Mindless Self Indulgence by Paul Harries

“Five thousand rioting kids always looks like an MSI show”

S] What fuelled the decision to utilise electronics within your music when you first began?


JU] It’s about control. You can sample anything you want [with electronic music] and make a song sound like something totally different than just the usual boring; guitar, bass, drums and vocals.


S] Your having dinner with four people; they can be anyone, dead or alive so who would they be and why?


JU] It would be four people who would get the check so I wouldn’t have to pay.


S] You have referred to MSI as an art project – how would you consider expanding the concept for example, have any of you guys ever thought of producing a movie, and can you briefly outline a concept?


JU] The big difference between us and a lot of art project type bands is that we aren’t trying to be an art project; but because of what we like and our work ethic it kinda works out more like a project then a regular band. If we were a

real artsy band we would be a bunch of pretentious fuckers whose “art spoke” more then it delivered results (pause) and our MSI movie would look like Smokey and the Bandit in reverse.


S] Obviously, there are thematic progressions from the first album to your most recent record ‘IF’ ; there is still the fun element but there are more lyrics, longer songs and more obvious meanings; though we will never see overly serious music from you, do you feel like ‘IF’ represented a natural progression for the band?


JU] The best way to explain our evolution is that when Mindless Self Indulgence started out we were alot like graffiti bombers; it was about vandalism trying to get our tag on everything at all costs. Then we slowly started doing bigger more elaborate graffiti pieces. Soon, it became more about one or two amazing pieces of art and less about bombing everything for the sake of getting our tag up.




S] We know that you don’t easily get embarrassed but can you talk us through the last moment where you felt that sinking feeling in your stomach, or the hairs stood up on the back of your neck whilst in the UK on tour?


JU] You’re talking about the cancelled last date of the Kerrang Tour at Brixton Academy ain’t ya? (pause) Man what really got me that night was when we saw the five thousand kids ready to riot. I became so ready to play right then and there; because having five thousand rioting kids always looks like a normal MSI show; so to walk away from that was like ‘eeeessshhh‘. Well the only way I can describe that is; it’s like showing some starving homeless guy his favourite meal ever and saying to him: ‘if you eat it someone might get hurt or die or you might go to jail’ and asking him to just walk away from it.


S] You are always working, and you are on tour right now – what are you most looking forward to once you finish in the summer?


JU] What I always look forward to (pause) HAVING SEX WITH MY WIFE!


For more information visit the band’s Myspace and website.


View the video for ‘Never Wanted To Dance’ below:

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