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Recently, we had the opportunity to catch up with the enigmatic and outspoken vocalist Yap. We talked about his past in One Minute Silence and the stimulating and hard-hitting sounds he’s making now as part of Pink Punk…


“I wanted to capture a raw sound and drive my words deep”

S] Can you tell us what inspired you to write the latest single ‘Rockstars’?

Y] Rockstars‘ really has to be considered in context of the whole. We as a species have become so obsessed with mediocrity. People idolising ‘stars’ who have nothing more to offer in word than the barfly holding up the corner of nowhere in every pub across the globe. Music today is all about the tits and the six pack. That’s basically the reason why I featured Kate Tempest on this particular track. I wanted to let the intelligent public know that we’re not all puny when it comes to words.

S] What has always excited you about the amalgamation of electronica with rock and spoken-word elements?

ppY] I wanted to capture a raw sound, a kind of filthy sound if you will, so as to drive my words deep into the minds of people keen enough to listen. And well these two particular styles for me have always seemed like good bed partners when it comes to getting down and dirty.

S] What are your biggest plans for the rest of this year and into 2010?

Y] I hope to take PPunk live. I also intend to start working on my second book. And I also hope to find away into the universities of the world so I can talk to the academics about new ideas I hold in relation to the world of mathematics and linguistics. At the same time I just want to enjoy life in the slow lane. I’ve been hyper in my head for too many years now. So much energy expended chasing dreams. Who knows? I might have a stroke in an hour.

S] Obviously your ideas are very visual, do you have any ideas on how you will expand the Pink Punk concept for stage and screen?

Y] I have a couple of people in mind that I really want to work with again. When it comes to the visual side of things they are both as good as it gets. If I get their commitment to the live project I can promise you a monster that will take the eye in your head on an amazing journey.

S] First random question, if you could sit down, have dinner and listen to ‘Zombie God Delicious’ with anyone, who would you pick and why?

Y] Micheal Franti I suppose would be my first choice in that he was the first lyricist who truly inspired me. After hearing ‘Disposable Hero’ for the first time I was blown away by the power of his word. I would just like to tell him that I am the writer I am because of him.

S] Which song on that album best represents Pink Punk currently?

Y] Catalogue Democracy’ I guess…

S] What are you looking forward to most about taking the Pink Punk experience out live on tour?

Y] I just want to let the public know that punk has a new face. Now as much as our sound isn’t very punk, our attitude is. It means we won’t play it safe. It means we don’t wear the neck tie. It means f*ck off, I’m tired of you too and all the rest. Something like that anyhow (laughs)

S] How have you and your goals changed and developed since you first came onto the scene with One Minute Silence up until this point with Pink Punk?

Y] My goals have never changed. I have always been about what’s right and what’s wrong about this world. Age changes one no doubt. Life is a long road and each step has a new lesson.

Y] I’m not sure. I would love if my music featured in a movie like ‘Human Traffic‘ though. It’s a wicked satire about life and the way it moves for folk on the street level of life.

For more information visit the official MySpace.  Check out our review of ‘Zombie God Delicious‘.

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