Lovebreakers talk Social Hell, Primary Colours and more..

By June 28, 2021 Features, Interviews, News

Really excited to have a quick natter with the most excellent LOVEBREAKERS about their BRAND NEW album, ‘Primary Colours’ and more!

Hi guys, ‘Primary Colours’ is just out, how are you feeling about it right now?

Absolutely buzzing, it’s been a long time coming.

Talk us through some of the coolest memories pulling it all together?

Davey who produced the record had flew home in the summer of 2018 to visit his family. He came to our lockup and asked to fly out to LA and record with him. Needless to say that we didn’t need much convincing.

How do you reflect on last year’s ‘Social Hell’ at this point?

Social Hell was actually released in 2018 but for some reason, Spotify says 2020 – were still proud of it, like any band, you’re finding your feet on your first EP. We still play one or two of the songs live but the real lovebreakers can be heard on Primary Colours.

How do you guys define success as artists now?

If you’re enjoying yourself, having fun playing music with your friends, as obvious as that sounds, that to me is success. Anything else that goes with it, if people like our music, then that’s a bonus.

 How would you say the LOVEBREAKERS mission statement has changed and developed over time?

The mission statement was always to just try and make music that we will still enjoy in ten, twenty years’ time. Songs that stand the test of time. As opposed to hearing a new, flash in the pan genre & trying to emulate it. Our favourite bands, are bands that have created music that doesn’t date or sound dated.

 What’s motivating you guys outside of music – think people, places and games for example?

People that aren’t afraid to be themselves & do their best to create a positive change in society.

Places like California are almost a subculture within themselves. Everybody surfs, skates, is into the arts. The weather is great, palm trees, the ocean is there, it’s easier to be inspired when you’re surrounded by these things.