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Following on from our very awesome Best Tracks of 2012 list, we wanted to provide you with some of our Ones To Watch in 2012. Enjoy! Comment! Share!


The band: Binary

The link:

Why: They make cool goth-tinged post-punk and it appeals to our darkest and most excitable side. Here’s a track called ‘Dynamo’ for your pleasure.

The band: Love Ex Machina

The link:

Why: From the ashes of Scottish crossover mavericks Kid Adrift comes a phoenix in the shape of trippy progressive-electro powerhouse Love Ex Machina. Here are some samples of forthcoming material. Beautiful, emotive and bouncy stuff.

The band: Foe

The link:

Why: Hannah Louise Clarke already has a huge buzz about her thoughtful and driven electronic pop sounds. Having toured with the likes of Atari Teenage Riot and Entrepreneurs in 2011, next year is set to be a good one.

The band: Death Grips

The link:

Why: Hip-hop and electronica clash together to create a delightfully raucous noise here. This is chaos, and you will (probably) like it.

The band: Bassnectar

The link:

Why: ‘coz dubstep has never sounded this cool.

The band: We Could Be Astronauts

The link:

Why: The Yorkshire collective offer up some majorly addictive and powerful proper rock music that takes elements from some of the greatest artists of all time.

The band: Planes

The link:

Why: Ever-enthusiastic Placebo drummer Steve Forrest has created some truly provocative and accessible indie rock sounds with a dedicated band of his own. These tunes totally standout as some of the best we have heard this year.

The band: Stalking Horse

The link:

Why: Because you want to hear about a band featuring some of West Yorkshire’s best musicians! Dinosaur Pile-Up producer James Kenosha, This Et Al’s Neil Widdop and Grammatics’ Owen Brinley are in, and you can check out their first lot of alt-rock aural sex at the link above for free.

The band: Bombs Into You

The link:

Why: This Portland, Oregon act create raw and emotive alternative music amalgamating the best parts of Radiohead with a little bit of NIN thrown in there for good measure.

The band: Duologue

The link:

Why: Mixing classical influences with rock and electronic music is a hard thing to do well, yet this band (whom we have recently spotlighted, FYI) manage to pack nifty hooks and intense melodies in with great skill.

The band: Various Cruelties

The link:

Why: This is very interesting stuff. Driving anthemic rhythms are complemented almost perfectly by a soulful voice throughout this material.

The band: Django Django

The link:

Why: Double D create an effective fusion of indie rock and electro beats.

The band: Proxies

The link:

Why: These Humberside natives peddle a magnificent blend of dubstep and rock. Just try it. Seriously.

The band: Mozart Parties

The link:

Why: They are the kind purveyors of luscious melodies with an ethereal quality.

The band: Swound!

The link:

Why: Swound! is made up of four Manx brothers armed to the teeth with tightly-paced, powerful tracks.

The band: The Arcadian Kicks

The link:

Why: Mike Chapman production meets energetic punky pop for a blissful combination. Currently The AKs are one of Birmingham’s brightest musical hopes.

The band: Crowns

The link:

Why: They are an exciting and innovative Cornish quartet infusing the vibrant dynamisms of folk and punk.

The band: LaFaro

The link:

Why: It’s raucous, high-octane rock from Belfast. That’s enough reason. Trust.

The band: Mother Mother

The link:

Why: They are making guitar/synth-driven pop respectable all over again.

The band: †HYMNS†

The link:

Why: Passionate pieces delivered from the soul, yet not of the soul.

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Got anymore bands and artists that YOU think should be here? Let us know!

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