Voodoo Bloo talks success, inspirations and more

By June 10, 2021 Features, Interviews, News

S] Hey mate, how are you today?

Yeah pretty breezy, in need of more caffeine but nothing out of the ordinary.
S] Talk us through the track, ‘Her Name Was Human’ and what inspired that?

That song was inspired by a very strange combination of my time in Hiroshima and relationship issues between two people I was friends with at the time. I have no idea how these two topics managed to overlap but, I think the message still came across.

S] ‘MMA’s a banger as well, talk us through that one?

Well, I’d just had too many experiences with idiots in town, drunk idiots I should probably preface. I hate going clubbing man, and this song is just an homage to my dislike of the scene.

S] How do you define success as an artist now?

Success is just the dumbest part of being a musician, it’s all just relative. Like, a few years ago I would’ve thought to myself “if I could release my first album by the time I’m 19, and play shows outside my city and even with my favorite NZ acts, that’s success!” but now all I feel is the road leading up to this point, not to say that I’m at all ungrateful for any part of this, I love every single day of being in this band, but I just think that moment of “we made it” that bands supposedly have is just a facade.

S] What’s the message for people that have supported you so far?

It’s nothing but love. There’s a tight-knit group who seem to really get behind what we do, and always like to interact with us, and for those guys I’ll always be grateful, everybody is on this journey with us, it’s far from a one-man act, trust me!

S] What would you say is the Voodoo Bloo mission statement?

Make happy music for people who are sad to make the sad people happy.

S] Cheers for your time!!

You too man! Was an absolute blast

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