WWE Superstar Damian Priest on his love for Iron Maiden and Metallica

By September 13, 2022 September 16th, 2022 Features, Interviews, Spotlight, Wrestling

WWE’s Damian Priest talks to Dom Smith about developing his character in WWE, and lists off some of his favourite bands.


“Being happy to me, is waking up every day, and loving what you do,” says the imposing Priest following WWE’s Clash At The Castle in Cardiff, Wales. Priest is currently riding a wave of success with his faction, The Judgement Day in WWE. “I wake up every day, and I am grateful. I cannot believe that I get to live this crazy dream. I love my life. I couldn’t ask for anything else,” says Priest, reflecting on what he has achieved, so far.


Priest’s enthusiasm here, is a far cry from the intense character that he portrays on screen. He talks openly about his desire to create a lasting legacy, that is worth talking about: “I used to say it a lot in NXT, not so much anymore, but the whole Live Forever thing, and the idea of my name – it wasn’t, literally like a vampire living forever, I meant it as I want to be remembered. I want my legacy to mean something, and I would like to be remembered in a positive way, whether that is in wrestling, or things that I do outside of that – like helping, or representing the Hispanic culture, whatever it is – that is why I love everything that encompasses being a WWE superstar.”

Personal change through being a WWE Superstar

“This level is like no other,” Priest continues, musing on the intense nature of competing at the top of the WWE. “You have to grow, change and adapt, otherwise you can’t be on this level. As a performer, I think I have improved from the TV-aspect of things – it’s not just moves in the ring, it’s the drama and learning how to get people to connect, and feel something. We work for emotion, that is what we do, so I feel like I have learned that.

“As a person, I have learned to be even more grateful than I was before. I take no opportunity for granted – no interview, nothing. Everything is special to me, and I think, as a person, that is something that, maybe I didn’t think about before. Now, it’s always on my mind. This is crazy, the life that I live. I am very much in-tune with everything that I do. It’s all important.”

Favourite bands

After some deep questions, Priest gets excited to discuss his favourite music: “My favourite band of all time is the mighty Metallica,” he comments, with a big grin. “My favourite performer, I would say is Bruce Dickinson, after I saw them live! I’ve never seen anybody move like him, and continue on, that guy has better cardio than I do!”

Listen to the full audio chat to get Damian’s thoughts on The Judgement Day, and more: