Blog: Is vinyl still topical? 5 reasons to buy a turntable

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By May 25, 2020 Culture, News

Is vinyl still topical? 5 reasons to buy a turntable

Record players are a timeless experience when it comes to listening to music. For some, the use of a turntable provides a nostalgic sensation, reminding them of simpler times. For others, it may be the superior sound quality which draws them to vinyl as opposed to digital forms of music. Regardless of what inspired you to begin searching for an affordable turntable, this article should help to reinforce your decision. Between the aesthetics, better sound, and relaxing properties of a record player, it’s sure to be a worthwhile investment and wonderful addition to your home. This article will outline five reasons everyone should own a turntable, such as sound quality, finally letting you put old records to use, and the aesthetic appeal of this kind of vintage audio player.

5 Reasons to buy a turntable

While reasoning will vary from person to person, we’ve collected five fairly universal reasons that owning a turntable is beneficial:


One popular reason for buying a turntable is the vintage aesthetic they provide. A turntable can tie together any room in your house, and give off a cozy and elegant ambiance. They can be purchased in differing styles, colors, sizes, and price ranges to suit your preferences. They range from extremely simplistic models, to varieties which look like they belong in a luxurious mansion – something straight out of an old-timey movie. Many turntables can also be customized in some respects, generally by color or pattern.

Listening Experience

Another reason, vouched for by many vinyl users, is that the experience of listening to music on a turntable is unparalleled. Some say that the process of selecting a record and playing it is completely different to the digital listening experience most of us use on a daily basis. In a world where screens consume large amounts of our time on a daily basis, the ability to use a record player rather than your phone/computer is a good way to relax while taking a step back from using screens.

Record Collecting

The act of collecting records is also therapeutic and can be an excellent hobby for many individuals. Hunting for records at the best prices can be a fun outing, and a good way to spend your time whilst keeping your spending to a minimum. For a handful of people, the ability to put a use to records they’ve previously purchased – for example throughout their youth – is another great reason to have a turntable. Additionally, there are some vintage records which may not be available in any other form than vinyl.

Supporting Artists

Another benefit to owning a turntable is that the record proceeds can help support your favorite artists. Streaming platforms such as Spotify or SoundCloud have grown in popularity in recent years due to their extensive song libraries and free or low costs. These platforms however do not provide artists with as much financial gain as the purchase of CDs, records, or even paid digital downloads. Obtaining all of your favorite artists’ work in the form of vinyls will not only better support those artists – but will also allow you to own an item which represents your love for their music.

Sound Quality

Perhaps the most significant reason for purchasing a vinyl record player is the enhanced sound quality. Listening to vinyl records is said to be the most authentic way of listening to the song, and the only way to truly hear it in the manner the artist envisioned. Those who aim to get the ideal auditory experience when listening to music or watching films are known as “audiophiles”, and hold high sound quality near and dear to them.


It’s clear that a turntable is a worthwhile purchase for anyone who appreciates the vintage aesthetic and advanced sound quality of older times. Turntables range in price, style, and quality, so it’s crucial to do your research prior to purchasing. Getting a good-quality turntable doesn’t have to be expensive, but it will likely require more research and patience. Keep in mind that the cost of vinyl records will also build up over time, and should be considered. Luckily, many record shops have limitless options for sale, and extremely reasonable prices, so don’t let a smaller budget stop you from beginning to collect and listen to vinyl records. If after reading this article you’re considering getting a turntable but unsure of where to begin, look no further. Here is a comprehensive compilation of affordable turntables that you may be interested in.

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