Family Man unleash ‘An Ode To The Good Times’

By September 9, 2021 Culture, News

Ramping up to the release of their ferocious debut mini-album ‘The Dark’ (out 5th November), your new favourite rock n roll duo Family Man unleash a maelstrom of riff-driven mania and electronic oddities on new single ‘An Ode To The Good Times’.  Produced by Neil Kennedy, the track is the stealthy and cerebral floor filler – as if it was made specifically for the last club on Earth in this duo’s wild post-apocalyptic fantasy.

Speeding through ‘An Ode To The Good Times’ with heavy distortion and hypnotic swagger, Vincent Showbiz and Cliff Blizzard appear in the Official Motion Picture, directed and edited by Martyna Wisniewska (Coach Party, Petrol Girls, Casey).

Vincent Showbiz says:

“This is the tune that we’d want to hear if the world was ending, hurtling full-speed in a 1973 Chevrolet Caprice to a Doomsday Discotheque.  There’d be no time for gimmicks, memes or flavours of the month – just straight up, urgent rock and roll to soundtrack The End.”

“An Ode To The Good Times’ slithered it’s way out of our fingers during the first and most apocalyptic of the pandemic lockdown in a matter of days.  The nature of the bizarre dystopian reality we were living through fuelled our longing for an escape into a sweaty room of strangers. It became more urgent than ever before, and was clearly an escape from reality.”

Elaborating on creation, Cliff Blizzard says:

“When it came to recording “An Ode…”, we felt it had a bit more of an old-school vibe so we decided to mix things up. I had some fun creating weird scales and alternate tonalities with a Korg Monologue on top of a modest back-to-basics bass sound. We recorded vocals last and doubled everything with this old rusty broadcast microphone. It wouldn’t fit on a typical microphone stand, so Vince just held it in his hand and went into full performance mode.”

‘An Ode To The Good Times’  follows the crushingly heavy-duty single ‘Wrapped In Magick’ –  which Rock Sound hailed as “a dark, scuzzy and ethereal slab of British rock….a solid sign of big things to come” as it appeared on Apple Music’s New In Rock and Breaking Hard Rock playlists upon release.

Family Man are set to release their debut mini-album “The Dark”’ on Friday 5th November via Ranch Records: a new independent label formed by producers Neil Kennedy, Lewis Johns and Daly George, whose collective credits are a veritable who’s who of UK rock including Creeper, Employed To Serve, Loathe, Puppy, Boston Manor,  Milk Teeth, Palm Reader and more.

Kennedy explains, “Lewis, Daly and I have been looking for a vehicle to release some of the amazing music we get to work with for a while now, so we’re incredibly excited to launch Ranch Records with Family Man. They are one of the most innovative and imaginative bands I’ve come across, and we’re delighted to be the home of their first releases!”

 In a recent interview on the Content Podcast, Daly George (producer of Wallflower, Weatherstate, Departures) stated that “…[Family Man] are just too good… They are going to be huge…”


1. Spooky Action At A Distance Part II

2. Ode To The Good Times

3. I, Never

4. The Dark Has Something To Do With It 

5. Dangerous Machines

6. An Interlude

7. Wrapped In Magick

8. Volt