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Jared, or DJ Batastrophe as he likes to be called at work runs  the Darklands clubnight in York and The Wirral, he is also the former keyboardist of 616 Abortions who were Metal Hammer Unsigned Act of the Year 2000 under the name Squid.

 from Jared

During the day he works as a ghost walker and tour guide in York city and by night he is one of the most popular DJ’s and promoters in the North. He has been working in the scene for ten years. We visit his home, where he talks to us about how good life in the North has been for him.

Jared fell in love with York when he moved there from his native Liverpool in 2003, his love for Gothic architecture and history is fulfilled almost every day as he walks around the town: “There is so much history, great architecture and friendly people. He continues to describe how the move has benefited his night: “In a city like York it is just open to a Gothic and the Alternative crowd.” Jared also credits his other half as a massive support to him, and they have always bonded over a love for Goth culture: “My girlfriend Anna and I first met quite a long time ago at a rock club in Liverpool called the Krazy House. She is a massive support for me, both at home and at Darklands. Obviously everyone coming into Darklands sees her as the girl on the door, but she helps me a lot behind the scenes also. She’s quite good at calming me down when I get too excited about trying to put too many bands on in one night.”

Jared and Anna

When talking about his children (who do have a slight preference for the colour black,) Jared says that it really isn’t forced upon them: “I would not push them into anything they did not want to get into.” We should mention at this point he is looking over at his three month old son wearing a skeleton baby grow.

“My four year old daughter sings along to bands like The Cruxshadows, She Want’s Revenge and John Merricks Remains. all my favourite Goth acts and loves putting on her black dress she calls her ‘Goth dress’, to look like Mummy and Daddy. She also gets excited about the fact that I put on make-up to ‘go to work.’

One thing we are struck by when visiting Jared is how beautiful his home is, and he takes great pride in it. A farmhouse, built in the Victorian times turned into a homely Gothic dwelling: “It still has most of its original features, even the servants bells. One of our reception rooms subsequently has a really Gothic and Victorian look to it with red walls and some beautiful old furniture. The other has more of a pagan feel to it with a wood burning hearth and various green man masks which are a personal touch.”

The veteran DJ also has plans to convert parts of the home in the future to expand his nights and hold events: “We have a vaulted cellar which I plan to do out for parties with a church undercroft type feel, it’s going to look amazing for everyone.”

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