SKYND return with ‘Columbine’ featuring Bill $aber

By October 9, 2020 Culture, News, Videos, Videos Of The Week

This is not, and has never been a gimmick. In 2020, SKYND continues to take examine some of humanity’s greatest sinners and errors, shoving them in today’s spotlight, as a stark reminder of the human condition’s weakness and the strength required to change. ‘Columbine’ champions SKYND’s vibrant industrial pop and directs it like a bloody bullet towards our collective conscience.

This track is a marked departure for SKYND, as it is the first time the song does not name perpetrators directly. SKYND chose not to focus on the shooters, but rather the victims and survivors so that listeners and viewers could feel the emotional weight of not just Columbine — but of all school shootings.

Since this case is so well-documented and the circumstances so well-investigated, and since it is such a sensitive topic, SKYND wanted people to remember those involved in the tragedy.

“There is still a conversation to be had,” SKYND says. “Like other reminders of humanity’s ugly past, there are remembrances, and the purpose is to make people uncomfortable, and to force that reflection. Until the lesson is learned, we should repeat the message over and over and over. To be aware and to remind adults to become vigilant in identifying and destigmatizing children who are struggling with mental health issues and that it is too easy for children to have access to unsecured weapons. This is something that weighs on me. It bothers me and I wanted to write about it.”

It’s a warning worth heeding.

“All human beings are capable of cruelty,” she leaves off. “We have to keep the inner animal in check. We’re here to provide a different perspective on the psyche and to maybe answer some questions.”